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This is my new personal weblog, after the old one has had to be ‘put down’ because of hacking trouble.

This blog is about my research projects – finished, ongoing, and planned ones alike. I will write about my doctoral dissertation project, about smaller projects, articles, and talks related to “the thesis”, about research and methodology in the humanities in general and of course about digital humaniora, that is: digital humanities in the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Iceland). However, everything concerning my co-edited digital scholarly edition of the works and writings of Georg Greflinger will be outsourced to the also new Greflinger digital edition weblog at hypotheses.org.

I have disabled the comments function throughout this blog; if you want to comment on something I wrote or get in touch about something the strikes you as interesting and worth discussing, please feel free to send me an email!

The views on this blog are my own and my own alone. They do not represent the views of the institution I am currently employed at nor do they represent the views of the (academic) associations and clubs I am a member of or am associated with.

A note on academic integrity and citation/quoting: Things “on the Internet” are subject to copyright and related rights. As for my blog entries: They are licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.


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