Current academic affiliation

University of Oslo Library (UB-UiO)
Humanities and Social Sciences Library
Research Support Section
senior academic librarian and team lead for digital research methods
digital research activities partner at the Dept. of Archaeology, Conservation and History
convenor of BærUt! Sustainable Digital Scholarly Editions Network

Past academic affiliations

University of Oslo Library (UB-UiO)
Dept. for Digital Services
research data management advisor and trainer

The National Library of Norway (NB)
Dept. of Research
Section of Books and Languages
research librarian and chief strategist for digital humanities

University of Oslo (UiO)
Dept. of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages /
Institutt for litteratur, områdestudier og europeiske språk (ILOS)
Section for German Literature / Tysk litteratur
doctoral research fellow with a Ph.D. project in analytical philosophy of German textual scholarship

Herzog-August Library (HAB)
digital humanities research fellow/scholar in residence with the Greflinger digital edition project (GG_dHKA)

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SPK)
project assistant at the Digitaler PortraitIndex

Max Planck Institute for the History of Sciences (MPIWG)
student assistant at department II – Ideals and Practices of Rationality (Lorraine Daston)

Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin)
student of German literature, history, journalism and communication science
student assistant at the digital edition project Peter Weiss – Notizbücher. Elektronische Edition
lecturer at the master’s programme Editionswissenschaft

Past Affiliations

DHNB – Digital Humaniora i Norden og Baltikum / Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries

Previously: Interim Board member (4/2015–3/2016), Elected Board member – Norwegian representative (3/2016–3/2017, 3/2017–3/2018, 3/2018–3/2021), Treasurer (10/2017–3/2018, 3/2018–4/2020), Vice-Chair (5/2020–3/2021), Elected DHN representative to EADH Associate Organizations Forum (2016–2018), Chair (4/2021–3/2024))

DHOslo – Forskernettverk digital humaniora ved Universitetet i Oslo (6/2013–10/2023)

Carpentry@UiO – The Carpentries Association at the University of Oslo

Appointed Board Member (3/2020–12/2023)

Representative for DHN – Nordic and Baltic Countries (2018) at ADHO‘s Standing Committee on Multi-Lingualism & Multi-Culturalism (MLMC)

Elected Co-Chair of Committee (with Thorsten Ries) (10/2017–2/2019) of AG-DH – Committee for Digital Edition Philology / Association of German Edition Philology

Editorial Board for – Platform for Academic Blogs in the Humanities and Social Sciences (4/2014–)

Scientific Board for EdLex | Das Editionslexikon (The Encyclopedia of Edition Philology) (2016–2018)

Academic Self Government

University of Oslo

Elected vice-representative for fixed-term staff at the faculty board at the Faculty of Humanities/UiO (2015 & 2016)

Appointed Ph.D.-fellow representative at the Ph.D. program board at the Faculty of Humanities/UiO (2015 & 2016)

Memberships / Associations


Digital Humaniora i Norden og Baltikum / Digital Humanities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries (DHNB)

Digital Humaniora i Norge – Research Network at the University of Oslo (DHOslo)

UiO-Carpentry – University of Oslo Software and Data Carpentry (UiOCarpentry)

Nordisk Nettverk for Edisjonsfilologer (NNE)

Nordisch-Baltischer Germanistenverband (NBGT) (2012–2020)


Virtuelles Zentrum für kultursemiotische Forschung (VZKF)

TextGrid – kooperative Arbeitsplattform (TextGrid) (inactive)

Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (DHd) (2012–2019)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Germanistische Edition (AG Edition) (2009–2020)

Kommission für die Edition mittelalterlicher und frühneuzeitlicher Texte
Committee for Editing Medieval and Early Modern Texts

Editionsphilologie und Digital Humanities in der AG germanistische Edition (AGE-DH)
Committee for Edition Philology and Digital Humanities

Einstein Circle “Digital Humanities Berlin” with the Einstein Foundation Berlin (DHB) (2013–2015)

Digital Humanities Berlin (DHB) (2010–2015)


DARIAH Research Data Management Working Group (DARIAH-RDM) (2020–)

Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) – Physical Bibliography Work Group (inactive)

Society for Textual Scholarship (STS) (2012–2018)

Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia (BSUVA) (2011–2019)

Peer reviewing for


LLC – The Journal of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (formerly known as: Literary and Linguistic Computing)

Edda – Nordisk tidsskrift for litteraturforskning | Scandinavian Journal of Literary Research

International Conferences

DHd2016 | DHN2016 | DHd2017 | DHN2017 | DHVäxjöDHN2018DHd2018 | EADH2018 | DHN2019 | DH2019 | DHd2019 | DHN2020 | DHNB2022 | DHNB2023 | DH2023 | DHNB2024