BærUt! Sustainable Digital Scholarly Editions

From 2024 to 2026, I am the convenor of BærUt!, the network and skills hub for sustainable digital scholarly editions at the University of Oslo. The hub is hosted at the University Library. It aims to bring together all researchers, developers, research software engineers and cultural heritage specialists working with creating, maintaining, researching, and archiving digital scholarly editions, regardless of language, period, discipline, or subject.

logo for the network and skills hub on sustainable digital scholarly editions

Main deliverables

  • Establishing a network of practitioners at UiO and beyond
  • Hosting seminars and skill-building workshops
  • Two conferences (2025 and 2026)
  • Mapping the landscape of DSEs at UiO (past, ongoing, planned)
  • Feasibility study for hosting and maintaining DSEs at UiO
  • White paper: Recommendations for sustainable DSEs


BærUt! is an abbreviation of the Norwegian name of the network and skills hub, Bærekraftige Digitale Vitenskapelige Utgaver. Bær ut is the imperative form of the verb å bære ut (bringe, fordele (post, aviser, e.l.))1 i.e. to deliver, to bring st. to so., in the sense of bringing/making DSEs accessible to researchers and bringing researchers to sustainable solutions for their editions.


The official website of the network and skills hub (in Norwegian and English) is hosted at the University of Oslo Library.

BærUt! has a community blog on the academic blogging platform Hypotheses.org, https://dsenetwork.hypotheses.org/.


  1. “bære.” In Det Norske Akademis Ordbok. Det Norske Akademi for Språk og Litteratur, 2023. https://naob.no/ordbok/b%C3%A6re_1.