Sebastian Brant’s Ship of Fools – study

Survey on Sebastian Brant’s Narrenschiff (Ship of Fools) – Textual transmission in early modern prints and scholarly editions

FINISHED (2009–2010)

Survey “Drucküberlieferung und Textedition. Eine analytische Untersuchung am Beispiel von Sebastian Brants »Das Narrenschiff«.” [i.e. my M.A. dissertation, ca. 250 pages incl. appendices with materials; submitted to the Faculty of Philosophy and the Humanities, Free University of Berlin, 2009.] – All major findings of this project have been published:

BOOK: »Produktion und Drucküberlieferung der editio princeps von Sebastian Brants »Narrenschiff« (Basel 1494). Eine medienhistorisch-druckanalytische Untersuchung« Frankfurt/Main 2011.

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JOURNAL ARTICLE: »Inkunabel-Materialität. Zur Deutung der typographischen Gestaltung von Sebastian Brants »Narrenschiff« (Basel 1494)«, co-authored with Per Röcken, in: Euphorion 105.3 (2011), p. 283–316.
JOURNAL ARTICLE: »Albrecht Dürer, Sebastian Brant und die Holzschnitte des »Narrenschiff«-Erstdrucks (Basel, 1494). Ein forschungskritischer Einspruch«, in: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 86 (2011), p. 312–329.
JOURNAL ARTICLE: »Sebastian Brants »Narrenschiff«Kritische Würdigung vorliegender Editionen und prinzipielle Überlegungen zu einer Neu-Edition«, in: editio 25 (2011), p. 42–73.

Sebastian Brant’s Narrenschiff (Ship of Fools)
Digital Synoptic Edition of the Basel 1494, 1495, and 1497 prints

PLANNED (2015–   )

The digital synoptic edition of the earliest »Narrenschiff« (‘Ship of Fools’) prints has already been outlined and a detailed conception incl. a project task schedule is being worked on.

The Narragonien digital project at the University of Würzburg / Germany has reached out to me; they will provide digitizations of the main prints of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition of the Narrenschiff as well as the translations into French, Latin, English, and several (early new high) German dialects. I will coordinate my plans to prepare a digital scholarly edition with the 2nd printed edition (Basel 1495) as a base text with the Narragonien team. A date for this has not been set, yet.