NorKorr – Norwegian Correspondences

[Status: active]

[Last content update: 2018-08-17]
[Last edit: 2023-06-29]

Norske Korrespondanser – Norwegian Correspondences

The website with project description, data, and publications is on GitHub:

NorKorr – Norwegian Correspondences is a project I initiated while working at The National Library of Norway in 2018. It builds on the digital scholarly editions of letters and correspondences of Norwegian writers, public figures, scientists, and artists in the historical sources collection NB-kilder and the series of editions by the Norwegian Literary Society as well as the digitized scholarly editions of letters in the holdings of the National Library,, the digital facsimiles in the holdings of the Private Archives and digital editions of letters at numerous cultural heritage institutions in Norway, like the Munch Museum, The Arctic University of Tromsø University Library, the University of Bergen University Library and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology University Library.

The idea is to connect all these editions of letters as well as the digitized manuscripts and to build a national corpus of correspondences by making use of the CMIF standard developed for the CorrespSearch web service – and finally making all Norwegian correspondences searchable and retrievable via the CorrespSearch API.

Results are published iteratively on GitHub and the project weblog.

Two master theses were related to the project from the master’s program for Digital Humanities at the University of Stuttgart.

The project has received funding from the Tekstlab+DH research infrastructure at the University of Oslo for harvesting, enriching and integrating the correspondence metadata from the Edvard Munch digital scholarly edition into CorrespSearch in 2022.