The Great Migration Has Begun

In July this year, I had my 10th anniversary on Twitter! Hurray! I joined a few days before the DH2012 conference and DHd Unconference in Hamburg in July 2012. Today, I have tweeted 5.449 times, I follow 314 people, primarily academics and alt-acs from the Digital Humanities and GLAM sector, and have a followership of 941. This number is dwindling. A mere two weeks ago, it was closing in on 1.000, a number that was making me proud even.

After the Twitter takeover, there has been a flight of DH academics to a different place: Mastodon. The social networking alternative is decentrally organised, where one joins a server and then connects with whom they find anywhere else in the ‘fediverse’.

So, a couple of days ago, I gave in and joined. My server of choice is, hosted and maintained by the Association of Digital Humanities in the German-speaking Countries DHd. You can find me there now at @arockenberger.

I have requested my Twitter archive but haven’t received it yet. I keep my Twitter account, at least for a bit, while I get used to grazing with the other prehistoric megafauna. Let’s see where the journey takes us! See you on the other side.