Research Support Partnership with Dept. of Archeology, Conservation and History

From mid-April until September, I will support digital research activities at the Department of Archeology, Conservation and History (IAKH) at the University of Oslo. This is a partnership between the University Library and the Dept. to further the digital strategy at IAKH. Practically, I will be on-site for a full workday per week. I’ll have an office where I can do one on one or small-group supervision – alternatively, I will be in the break room for chats and quick questions.

During this period, I will collect the types of questions I receive and the types of problems that pop up, so we can map the status quo of digital research activities to find out where support is needed – and to which degree. I will use the TaDiRAH taxonomy for categorising activities and the new catalogue of tools and resources in the humanities to map concrete needs. The mapping results will directly inform the further development of services the University Library’s Digital Scholarship Center delivers.