Digital Edition of the ‘Ethica Complementoria’

Revised [2018-07-10]


Since we do not have any good reasons to believe that Georg Greflinger had anything to do with the initial compilation and print production of the Ethica Complementoria, the edition of the Ethica will no longer be part of the Greflinger Digital Archive Edition.

Instead, the Ethica Complementoria will become a separate, independent digital and printed edition that is to be finished in 2017.

The digital edition will provide XML-encoded texts of pivotal prints of the Ethica (Nürnberg 1643, Hamburg s.l., Hamburg 1660, Amsterdam 1665), which will be incorporated into (and thus hosted and archived by) the Deutsches Textarchiv.

A critical-synoptic edition providing the edited texts of Nürnberg 1643 and Amsterdam 1665 in parallel, with annotations and a full record of the print history will be published soon.

In preparation of the edition, the textual transmission of all Ethica prints in the 17th and 18th century has been reconstructed and a (tentative) stemma has been established that allows to group the prints into six distinct strands of transmission. It also describes several yet unknown prints in bibliographic detail. This extensive bibliographical-stemmatological study will be published separately as a supplement to the Wolfenbütteler Notizen zur Buchgeschichte (forthcoming fall 2017).

See also the project’s weblog on and the documentation on GitHub.