Georg Greflinger (1620–1677) – digital archive edition

Georg Greflinger – Digital Archive-Edition (2011– ongoing)

co-authored with Per Röcken: digital edition of the works and writings of German baroque journalist, scribe, and notary public Georg Greflinger (1620–1677) – Greflinger – Digitale Edition (official information platform and weblog).

The digital edition consists of independent parts each presenting a single work or a genetic complex or a collection of more or less similar smaller works (e.g. occasional poetry, epigrams). All material is to be edited according to the TEI P5 standard using Unicode 6.0 and MUFI 3.0 codes for encoding historical spelling of the regional varieties of early new high German. The VRE of choice is TextGrid Laboratory, all texts are to be published in the TextGrid Repository (as “readers texts”), in the Deutsches Textarchiv corpus (DTA) and on the official Greflinger Digital Edition webpage (incl. XML data, TEI customisations, and XSLT transformations), and as printed books (book on demand).

The Greflinger Digital Edition-project has been presented on several occasions, for more information on publications and presentations see the Greflinger platform on

Greflinger material was also used for a Master class on digital scholarly editions

Project Seminar at Free University of Berlin: Georg Greflinger – Konzeptionelle und editionspraktische Vorarbeiten zur Digitalen Historisch-kritischen Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke und Schriften – April/July, 2011