Editorial Pluralism – Analytical Studies on the Normative Framework of Modern German Textual Scholarship

(working title)

Within my PhD project I concern myself with the descriptive reconstruction of the normative conditions of editorial praxis, that is, with the analysis of rational justification and critical evaluation of editorial aims, decisions and actions.

Heuristically assuming a (albeit partly restricted) methodological pluralism, and thus a relative incommensurability of editorial positions, I shall examine the more or less explicitly stated conceptions and standards of contemporary German editions as well as their more or less consistent practical realisation.

Moreover, I shall reconstruct selected editorial controversies and critical reviews as modulations of an explicit normative meta-discourse. At this point I will also employ tools of computational text analysis, citation analysis, and social network analysis.

As for the focus of my study, I shall not only take into account the normative foundations of ‘traditional’ (analogue) editions, but also endorse a critical perspective on the latest (digital) developments of the discipline.

It is my objective to make a substantial contribution to editorial self-understanding – dwelling at the threshold of what is believed to be a sea change, caesura or paradigm change of the editorial enterprise as a whole.

With my overall descriptive approach I try to combine the following fields of interest:  (a) the history, theory, and praxis of philology, esp. textual scholarship; (b) analytic philosophy (conceptual analysis, theory of practical reasoning and rationality); (c) digital humanities, esp. digital editing.

For project related publications see the publications and talks pages on this website.