I have been playing around with location data for medieval German religious plays. About 250 place names have been recorded for which we have either evidence for actual performances of religious plays or we know that manuscripts of plays have been written for performances in these places. The location data is taken from a printed catalogue from 1987 – it is to be expected that we have now more, or more accurate data, yet it is not accessible in a comprehensive form (catalogue or database). I am working on developing a data model for recording location and performance data for medieval religious plays and publish a database.

Using GoogleMaps to display the 228 performance venues of (German) medieval and early modern religious plays, documented in Bernd Neumann’s 1987 catalogue of archival material. Bernd Neumann: Geistliches Schauspiel im Zeugnis der Zeit. Zur Aufführung mittelalterlicher religiöser Dramen im deutschen Sprachgebiet. Vol. 1. München 1987, p. ix-x.