Documentation on GitHub (work-in-progress)

Autonomous Racing Robot

In collaboration with NorBot robot club (Oslo/Vestby) – paused. Info here

Robotics & Physical Computing

I am fascinated by robots and robotics in general. I have built and am building different robots. I take some classes on (theory of) robotics and physical computing as well as programming simultaneously.

Caenorhabditis elegans – A Nematode Neural Network Emulated in a Robot Body

I got intrigued by “The Open Worm Project” and reading an article about the complete modeling of the neural network of Caenorhabditis Elegans, a nematode (round worm) roughly 1mm in length. Although the Elegans is quite a simple organism, it has a nervous system which comprises 302 neurons. The pattern of this nervous system has been mapped comprehensively. The entire worm has only ~1000 cells which are now attempted to be replicated in a computational model (by researchers in Open Worm Project). I’m fascinated by the possibilities and opportunities this poses and want to emulate the neural network of the Elegans in a simple robot body.

Internet of Things: The Fridge-Project

I think one of the single most enticing possibilities with modern digital technology and networks is getting rid of menial tasks and to-do’s in everyday life. I want to actively contribute to creating more ‘quality time’ for people by freeing them from having to spend mental and physical capacities on menial tasks. I start with creating an intelligent fridge.