MA Seminars at the University of Oslo

EUS4011 – Digital Humanities: How To Read A Million Books? – Spring Term 2018

Increasingly, cultural text material is being captured and stored in electronic form. From literature and fiction, diaries, historical documents, public speeches and governmental documents, to emails, text messages, and social media, researchers from the humanities now have access to much larger amounts of text than ever before.

In this master course, students from European language, literature and culture as well as history will be introduced to the field of digital humanities, its core methods, history and emerging trends and learn how to describe, analyze, and interpret digitized text and explore research questions fundamental to literary, cultural and historical studies with cutting edge technology.

The goal is to encourage students to think about novel and creative ways they can apply these techniques to their own material and research questions, and to provide the skills necessary to apply the methods in their own research. Students will be encouraged to work in teams and help one another.

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DARIAH DH course registry entry

EKUL4000 – Europa som historisk kunnskapsfellesskap – Spring Term 2018

Guest lecturer for the digital technology workshop week.

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Co-examinar for BA program “European Languages: German” at University of Oslo

Autumn Term 2017

Tyskspråklig litteratur: Genrestudium (term paper)

Tyskspråklig litteratur etter 1945 (student portfolio)

Software Carpentry Workshops at University of Oslo


I’m involved as a teaching assistant and instructor-in-training (certified) in the Software Carpentry group at University of Oslo.
We teach Unix Shell, Bash, Command line tools, versioning with Git and GitHub, coding in Python, R, and Make, as well as SQL (databases). Target audience are researchers of all levels in STEM, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Info on SWC@UiO here.

Ph.D. Seminar at the University of Oslo

What are Digital Humanities? – June 14/15, 2013

Provided doctoral students of all humanities disciplines – with a strong focus on textual primary sources – with both a comprehensive overview of the history of digital humanities and an introduction to dh technologies such as digitisation, text encoding and editing, analysing, interpreting and manipulation of textual data as well as visualisation and virtual display of humanities research. International representatives of digital humanities projects and initiatives gave their perspectives on the field and shared their expertise on dh technologies and related skills.

Seminar’s weblog:

Academic Workshops

Software Carpentry Workshop: Programming with Python and Version Control with Git. DHN2019 pre-conference workshop. Helsinki, March 6, 2018

VoyantTools – exploring a multilinguistic corpus of reviews of Henrik Ibsen’s works and plays (C19th/20th). Introductory hands-on workshop. University of Oslo, November 4, 2015

Zotero – a bibliographical database for humanities research. Introductory hands-on workshop. University of Oslo, May 27, 2014

Project Seminar at Free University of Berlin

Georg Greflinger – Konzeptionelle und editionspraktische Vorarbeiten zur Digitalen Historisch-kritischen Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke und Schriften – April/July, 2011

Information about the digital edition can be found here.