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Alte Spiele auf neuen Bühnen. Möglichkeiten und Herausforderungen von 3D-Modellierung und Virtueller Realität bei der Rekonstruktion von Aufführungen Geistlicher Spiele des Mittelalters. Plenary Talk. 17th International Conference of the Association for German Editions on the topic “Performance and Edition” (Aufführung und Edition). Johann-Wolfgang-von Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Germany. February 14-17, 2018. Info here.

past conferences / paper presentations

Staging & Performing the Medieval Religious Play in Virtual Reality. An Exploratory Discussion. Talk. HUMlab – Umeå University. Sweden. May 30, 2017. Info here.

Teaching Researchers Basic Skills for Computational Research: The Software Carpentry Model. Workshop (co-teaching with Lex Nederbragt). Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference. Hosted by NeIC Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration and SNIC Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing. Umeå Folkets Hus. Umeå. Sweden. May 29–June 01, 2017. Info here.

Staging the Medieval Religious Play in Virtual Reality. Poster presentation. 2nd Conference of the Association for Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries. Gothenburg University. Sweden. March 14–16, 2017. Info here.

Digital Humanities education in Norway. Workshop presentation. 2nd Conference of the Association for Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries. Gothenburg University. Sweden. March 14–16, 2017. Info here.

International Digital Humanities Symposium. Linnaeus University. Växjö, Sweden. November 7–8, 2016. (Program Committee). Info here.

Three-day Workshop “Code and Collation: Training Textual Scholars”. Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. November 2–4, 2016. (participation)

Half-day Workshop “The Born Digital Record of the Writing Process: Discussing Concepts of Representation for the Digital Scholarly Edition”. Part of the “Digital Scholarly Editing: Theory, Practice, Methods” 13th Annual Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS) in Conjunction with the DiXiT Network, hosted by the Centre for Manuscript Genetics at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. October 4–7, 2016.

The Editorial Decision Making Process between Pluralism and Standardisation – Short Paper / Panel Participation “Editing across traditions”. Final Conference of the Ars Edendi Programme “The Arts of Editing: Past, Present and Future”. Stockholm University, Sweden. August 17–19, 2016.

Digital Humaniora i Norden / Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries – Informal Gathering / Informational Event (July 15, 2016). DH2016 – The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations Annual Conference. Uniwersytet Jagielloński. Krakow, Poland. July 11–16, 2016 (DHN Host)

“Digital Humaniora i Norden – Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries” – 1st Nordic Conference & Constitutive Meeting. Hosted by The Norwegian National Library and The University of Oslo, organized by the Digital Humaniora Research Network at the University of Oslo in cooperation with the Centre for Digital Humanities, Gothenburg University. Oslo, Norway. March 15–17, 2016. (Program Committee, Moderation PosterSlam!, Keynote Chair). Info here.

‘Truth’ in Ibsen Criticism – Paper presentation together with Jens-Morten Hanssen. – 1. Nordic Digital Humanities Conference & Constitutive Meeting. Hosted by The Norwegian National Library and The University of Oslo, organized by the Digital Humaniora Research Network at the University of Oslo in cooperation with the Centre for Digital Humanities, Gothenburg University. Oslo, Norway. March 15–17, 2016.

“Modellierung – Vernetzung – Visualisierung: Die Digital Humanities als fächerübergreifendes Forschungsparadigma” – 3rd Annual Conference of the Association for Digital Humanities in the German Speaking Countries, University of Leipzig, Germany. March 7–12, 2016. (Program Committee, Session Chair). Info here.

Die Ethica Complementoria – Überlieferungverhältnisse, Bearbeitungen, Verfasserfrage eines Bestsellers frühneuzeitlicher deutschsprachiger Anstandsliteratur – Paper presentation. 16. Internationale Tagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für germanistische Edition on the topic “Textrevisionen” (text revisions). Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz/Austria. February 17–20, 2016. CfP and info here.

The German early-enlightenment newspaper Nordischer Mercurius – digital! – Invited talk. Symposium of The Enlightenment News Project on “The Early Newspaper”. NTNU Trondheim/Norway, December 3–4, 2015.

Die Digitale Edition frühneuzeitlicher Drucküberlieferung. Praktische Überlegungen am Beispiel von Georg Greflingers Singspiel Ferrando Dorinde (1644) und der Trauerspielübertragungen Cid (1650) und König Carl (1652) – Invited plenary talk. Wolfenbütteler Arbeitsgespräch „Zur Druckgeschichte und Intermedialität frühneuzeitlicher Dramendrucke“, Herzog-August-Library, Wolfenbüttel/Germany, November 26–27, 2015.

Wolfgang Borchert – Die Kurzgeschichte “Nachts schlafen die Ratten doch” – Trial lecture. University of Agder, Campus Kristiansand. Department for Foreign Languages and Translation Studies. 23. November 2015.

Editorische Werkbegriffe – Invited plenary talk. Symposion „Wiederkehr des Werks. Probleme und Potentiale des Werkbegriffs heute“, Herrenhausen Palace, Hannover/Germany, 21.–23. October 2015. Info (in German) here.

A New Edition of Sebastian Brant’s Ship of Fools – Invited workshop participant. Workshop “Digitale Edition des Narrenschiffs und seiner Bearbeitungen im 15. Jahrhundert”, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg/Germany. July 24, 2015.

The Zotero Bibliographical Reference Database as a Research and Visualization Tool in (Digital) Humanities – Show-and-tell-presentation. Digital Humaniora Forum (DHF): seminar series of the research group Digital Humaniora at the University of Oslo/Norway, fall semester 2014. October 21, 2014.

Applying the Concept of Paratext: Videogames – Promotional talk for full chapter in “Examining Paratextual Theory”, ed. by N. Desrochers, D. Apollon. IGI Global 2014. Workshop “Paratext in Digital Culture: Is Paratext Becoming the Story?” University of Bergen/Norway, August 28–29, 2014.

Materiality – Material Text – Meaning – Paper presentation (first respondent: Jamie Callison, University of Bergen, Norway; second respondent: Michael Suarez, S.J., Director of the Rare Book School, University of Virginia, USA). Ph.D. seminar “Reading the Book, Reading the Reader” at the Centre Franco-Norvégien en Sciences Sociales et Humaines (CFN), Paris/France, June 2–4, 2014. Info here.

Presentasjoner av digital humaniora prosjekter ved det humanistiske fakultetet – introduction & welcome address at the 2nd digital humanities seminar at the University of Oslo, organised by the research network digital humaniora ved UiO, April 25, 2014. Info here. Detailed review here.

Georg Greflinger – Digitale Archiv-Edition sämtlicher Werke und Schriften. Pilotprojekt: Ethica Complementoria (1645) – Poster presentation at the 3rd Worshop of the Einstein-Circle Digital Humanities Berlin “Grenzen überschreiten. Digitale Geisteswissenschaften heute und morgen” (“Crossing Borders. Digital Humanities Today and in the Future”), Feb 28, 2014, Freie Universität Berlin/Germany. Book of Abstracts here. Info on the event here.

Editionsrezensionen. Vom Nutzen und Nachteil einer Praxisform. (Critical reviews of scholarly editions. On the advantage and disadvantage of a communicative genre) – Paper presentation at the 15th Biennial International Conference of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für germanistische Edition (German Society for Textual Scholarship) “Vom Nutzen der Editionen” (“The Usefulness of Editions”) at the RWTH Aachen University/Germany, February 19–22, 2014. Information here.

Sorting the Digital Humanities Out. – Invited participant. Workshop at HUMlab at Umeå University/Sweden, December 5–7, 2013. Information here.

Round-table Digital Humanities. – Panel discussion. Colloquium at the Herzog August Library, Wolfenbüttel/Germany, September 23, 2013.

Literary Evaluation Between Ethics and Aesthetics. – Paper presentation at the conference “Changing Functions of Criticism. Writing the Cultural History of Literary Critical Reception”, August 14–16, 2013, The University of Oslo/Norway. Information here.

Digital Humanities-Kompetenzzentren in Deutschland. Modelle, Erfahrungen und Perspektiven in Berlin – Introduction to the inaugural workshop of the Digital Humanities Berlin group (Einstein-Circle), June 28, 2013 at the Humboldt Graduate School, Berlin/Germany. Sponsored by INRIA, the Centre Marc Bloch, the Humboldt University and the German Reasearch Foundation (DFG). (introductory address as DHB member and co-organiser). More information here. Full text (pdf) of introductory address here.

Frühneuzeitliche Drucküberlieferung und digitale Textedition. Probleme und Lösungsansätze dargestellt anhand der Georg Greflinger Digitalen Archiv-Edition – Invited talk at the 3. TextGrid Nutzertreffen “Digitale Editionen mit TextGrid erstellen”, June 21–22, 2013, at the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz/Germany. Information here. Prezi presentation can be watched here.

What are Digital Humanities?” – themed Phd Seminar within the Phd programme of the Department for Literature, Area Studies and European Languages at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo/Norway. June 14–15, 2013. (initiator & organiser; introduction & moderation; blogging)

Editing a Discourse, Not a Text. Methodological Reflexions on an Editorial Endeavour – Paper presentation at the 17th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference “The Objects of Textual Scholarship”, March 6–8, 2013, Loyola University Chicago, ILL/USA. (STS travel award). Information here.

Georg Greflinger – Digitale Archiv-Edition sämtlicher Werke und Schriften. Pilotprojekt: Ethica Complementoria (1645) – Poster presentation at the Digital Humanities Deutschland Unconference, University of Hamburg/Germany, July 17, 2012. (VolkswagenStiftung junior researcher bursary). Information here.

Invited panelist (as independent researcher & editor) at the panel discussion at the TextGrid Summit 2012 “Richtfest im Haus der digitalen Infrastrukturen”. May 14–15, 2012, Technische Universität Darmstadt/Germany. Info hier.

Georg Greflinger – Digitale Historisch-kritische Archiv-Edition sämtlicher Werke und Schriften (GG_dHKA) – Project presentation (invited). 1. TextGrid Nutzertreffen, Technische Universität Darmstadt/Germany, February 22–23, 2012.
Information, programme, participants here.

Georg Greflinger (1620–1677) – Digitale Archiv-Edition sämtlicher Werke und Schriften: Ein Werkstattbericht – Paper presentation. 14. Internationale Tagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für germanistische Edition zum Thema InterNationalität und InterDisziplinarität der Editionswissenschaft. Universität Bern/Switzerland, February 15–18, 2012.
Information & Programme here.

Is Editing a Factor in Canonization? Notes on Understanding the Question – Paper presentation. Rema(r)king German Literature. Second International Graduate Student Conference. Dept. of Central Eastern and Northern European Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver/Canada, September 16–17, 2011  (travel grant funded by the German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD).
Programme here.

Wie ‘bedeutet’ ein material text? (co-presented with Per Röcken) – Plenary talk. Text – Material – Medium. Zur Relevanz editorischer Dokumentationen für die literaturwissenschaftliche Interpretation. Tagung an der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal/Germany in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kommission für allgemeine Editionswissenschaft der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für germanistische Edition, February 10–12, 2011.

Friedrich Zarncke und die Edition des »Narrenschiffs« von Sebastian Brant –
Invited talk. Department of Philosophy and Humanities, Master Programme “Editionswissenschaft”, Free University Berlin/Germany. July 13, 2010.

Edition als Kanonisierungsfaktor? Ein analytischer Beitrag zur Debatte um die »Macht der Philologie« (co-presented with Per Röcken) – Plenary talk. Wertung, Kanon und die Vermittlung von Literatur in der Wissenschaft. Internationale Tagung des Promotionskollegs VolkswagenStiftung Wertung und Kanon. Roter Saal des Lichtenberg-Kollegs, Historische Sternwarte der Universität Göttingen/Germany, February 5–7, 2010.

Drucküberlieferung und Textedition. Eine analytische Untersuchung am Beispiel von Sebastian Brants »Narrenschiff« (1494) – Paper presentation. Colloquium programme of the »Interdisciplinary Research Centre Middle Ages – Renaissance – Early Modern Period«, Free University Berlin/Germany. July 3, 2009. Semester programme here.